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Who are we?

ESN CZU Prague is a non-profit student organization, official section of Erasmus Student Network.

We are here for the international students coming to the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. As well as the University coordinators, we are providing information about CZU, life in the campus and the city of Prague. We are helping new students to settle down in the new environment, to feel as well as at their home university.

ESN CZU Prague is preparing a range of free time activities for students to explore the city of Prague and the country of the Czech Republic.

We are offering our help to every international student on CZU (Erasmus or non-Erasmus), for free in our own free time to build good relationships with any student, from any country and any culture.

Our student organization consists of students of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, closely cooperating with university representatives.

Contact us here or at info@esnczu.cz to get more information, get in touch with Czech people and culture and other international students on CZU.

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If you would like to become part of our team, don’t be afraid to contact our HR (Human Resources), she will give you more information and help you to find what you would like to do.

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ESN CZU Prague

We are students and volunteers, thrilled to meet new international people coming to Czech University of Life Sciences.

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