Kutná Hora

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Kutna Hora was the richest and the most significant town of Medieval Bohemia. Rich silver deposits were discovered in its vicinity in the 13th century and they helped win fame and glory for the Kingdom of Bohemia. The well-known Prague groschen - the currency of Europe - was minted here too.

You can explore the atractions including Church of St.Barbara (1388) - town`s landmark and masterpiece of Hight and Late Gothic the latter dedicated to the patroness of miners, Hradek with the Medieval silver mine Osel (1312), Italian Court (13th century) - the central royal mint later turned into a grand royal residence by King of Bohemia Wenceslas IV, Monastic Church of the Assumption of Our Lady in Sedlec. In nearby Cathedral you will find the Chapel of All Saints with a crypt converted into an ossuary (or Chapel of All Saints or bone church). It is made from the bones of ten of thousands of bodies.

Selected buildings from historical core of Kutna Hora together with Monastic Church of the Assumption of Our Lady in Sedlec were entered in the UNESCO list in 1995.

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